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On our second (well, 1 1/2th) day in Barcelona, we got up pretty late. After only getting into the hotel at almost 1am, then showers and finding our clothes in our bags, we didn't get to bed until after 2am. I believe we ended up waking up at 9:30, and then spent the rest of the time until 11:30 researching where to go next, and this time booking a camp site for that night (and getting detailed directions to it).

We weren't exactly excited about spending another day in that crowded city, with drivers who don't follow any rules, but there were places and things we needed to see.

First on the list was a cathedral designed by Gaudy. It is supposed to be one of the craziest and most amazing things to see in Barcelona, not to mention the craziest looking cathedral in the world (in my opinion). We were able to find parking only a few blocks away from the site. We headed to where we thought the cathedral was, and then turned around and went back when we realized I was wrong and Logan was right.

Our first impressions, as driving past were "Wow, that's strange, and awesome, and REALLY strange!" and "we have to see this, because we will never see anything like it again." Upon walking up to the cathedral, our thoughts were "wow, is that a line? where's the front and where is the back?!".

We waited in the line for about 45 minutes to an hour, but the large part of that was spent in the shade, which is a necessity in Barcelona. If you think you know heat and humidity, go to Barcelona. Being as built up as it is, there are few parks or anything to make the heat seem less drastic.

We got to the front of the line, and paid for our tickets. We walked into the gates and were immediately confused about where to start. The outside of the cathedral is so overdecorated, that you are tempted to stop and take a million pictures there in that spot. The heat drives those thoughts from your mind quickly, though, and we decided to go inside.

The inside of the cathedral made me think of a giant sand castle, although I am not exactly sure why. Logan was amazed at the scale of the entire structure, and the fact that the smallest of details can draw your attention, until you notice that there are hundreds of those details (all different) going on all around you.


(More pictures will be online, once we get a decent internet connection and some time. We really do have tons of this cathedral alone.)

There are three main "layers" or "levels" to the cathedral, and a whole lot of symbolism built into it. The bottom, I believe, represents earth, where we are walking. The next up is purgatory, and then there is another above that, and we all know what that one is. We found this symbolism fascinating, though neither of us are Catholic.

The pillars were all very striking, with different details on many of them. They were elegant and somewhat simple, which surprised me with all of the other over decoration going on outside. The outside of the cathedral represented biblical and other stories, but it'd probably be best to get those from a reliable reference, instead of us.


After the cathedral, we had hoped to see the mosaics in Guell Park, and Montjuic Castle. After driving for HOURS around both sites, looking for any suitable parking within walking distance, we ended up giving up on them, knowing that our camp site would close very soon, and it was still about 3 hours away. We were happy to leave Barcelona anyway. It was not the city for us.

We took off toward the campsite, and found that one surprisingly easily, though it was about 9:30-10pm before we got there, and we still had not eaten (another day without food), nor had we been able to get any shopping done. We were just happy to be able to get some sleep. Then, the air mattress decided not to pump up. This wouldn't have been so bad, except we spent the whole night on rocks, without even pillows. That was a very rough night.

Next stop...Valencia!

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Thanks guys that cathedral looks and sounds amazing, looking forward to the next entry. Valencia

by Gayle

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