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Not the greatest flights we have ever had

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The day started out rough. We got about 2-2.5 hours of sleep, and then quickly got to finishing the last little bits of packing. When we got to the airport, we had 45 minutes until our flight to LA, and we thought that was plenty of time to check in, etc. We went to the desk we thought was handling our flight (our tickets only said KLM, and not who was operating the flight). The lady at the counter had no idea what we were talking about, she sent us to the desk she thought was the right one.

When we got to the second desk, the lady there took our passports and started typing and clicking away, but gave us no indication as to whether or not this was the right desk. Finally, after maybe 10-15 minutes, she said that we were checked in and rudely forced our boarding passes at us, as she started helping her friend who was late for her check-in.

We looked at our boarding passes, as we began to walk away, and Logan noticed that they said "added to standby list". We rushed back to the counter to ask why they said this (keep in mind we have had our tickets for a long time, and we paid a lot of money for them). We were so worried. My heart was pounding, and I felt like I was going to faint. She then finished chatting with her friend, and then rudely said to us "You have to hurry up to get your seats since you were late!". How were we late? Oh yeah, because she took time chatting to her friend while she was supposed to be checking us in.

Getting over that, we rushed to the gate, and told the lady there (the plane was ready for boarding, at this point) what had happened. She handed Logan a new boarding pass, but couldn't see one for me. Luckily, Logan saw mine in a separate pile. She handed us both, and I felt like I was going to kiss her. Looking at the passes, we realized that we were sitting half a plane apart. Luckily on both of the flights (first to San Jose and then to LA), people were nice enough to give us their seats so we could be together.

We got to LA airport and were ready for the worst already. We have been to this airport a lot, and it has always been a horrible experience. When we got down to baggage claim, we didn't see our bags. I started freaking out a little, but we decided to ask the lady at the lost bags desk what was going on. Then, the weirdest thing happened......she was NICE! LA airport is dangerously low on nice people, so that was shocking. She read our baggage tickets and told us that even though it was an international flight, we didn't need to collect the bags before the next leg, they were just on our plane already. I was so happy. Never before has LA allowed my bags to be transferred for an international flight. We were able to make our way through a strangely tiny security line and into the gate. We found food, and then slept for about a half an hour in the seats, while waiting for our flight.

Our plane to Amsterdam

Our plane to Amsterdam

We had a long flight (I think 9 hours) and didn't really get to sleep at all, but the food was pretty good. As we came in for landing in Amsterdam, we both fell in love. It was absolutely beautiful. I was amazed at how orderly everything looked. The streets were perfectly aligned along pretty little waterways.

We rushed to get to our next flight. It was an hour away, and we thought we were silly for rushing, but it turned out to be a good thing we did. We spent the whole hour in a security check line, and only made it to our gate (running a LONG way past people) as they were calling our names to tell us we were holding up the flight. But we DID make it. We made two friends in line, though, and I hope they made it to their gate on time too!

After about a two hour flight, we were finally in Barcelona. It was a very nice airport, and we thought we would end up loving it here in Spain. That was not the case (but more about that later). When we got to the baggage claim, we waited for over an hour for the bags to start coming out. Then, about a half hour after that, we realized that one of our bags wasn't coming at all. This was the bag with all of our clothes in it. We spent a while in line to find out that the bag was left in Amsterdam, and would be in on a flight that evening. We arranged to pick it up that night and headed on our way.

We picked up our car, and had a bit of a hassle with that, but it ended up alright. We then tried to find a place to buy food and drinks for the drive, but all we found was a weird run down little supermarket (which smelled heavily of fish - note: I get sick from that smell). We got 2 bottles of water and left.

We wasted a little time, trying to find food and wifi so that we could find a campsite to sleep in. That put us in a crowded shopping mall with designer type stores, and we were stuck eating Burger King. After we went back to pick up our bag from the airport, we drove around trying to find some of the campsites we found online. We ended up being lost for hours, and very hungry and tired.

Around midnight, we found a McDonald's, so that we would finally have wifi again. We searched and searched for campsites, but all of them said that we could stay if we made it by midnight. Well, it was too late already. We had a few minor panic attacks, realizing that it was not safe to sleep in the middle of a horribly crowed city in our car, even if we could find a place to park. We were left with no other option but to stay in an expensive hotel. We spent the night there, and enjoyed a nice shower after the sweaty day we had had.

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Burger King and McD ... oh you guys!!!

by Mirko

Sounds like not a great start, airports sort of puts you off a bit, I bet it will improve :)

by Gayle

Well, we didn't eat at McDonald's, it's just a place to find wifi. Nowhere else in Spain seems to have free wifi.

by Suzanne

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